this is wonderful use of internet technology to create the website or blog based on one’s imagination and creativity . Here you can use the software which has been developed by thousands of users . With this approach any one can reach to thousands of users with sites and blogs . This platform enables young writer , bloggers and designers to utilise  the free services and generate market for their services .

But to let users know about this site you have to have presence on social media . The use of facebook or twitter account are the wide spread wings of social media and anyone on them can reach anyone on any part of the globe . So to let people know your site and blog it is pre-requisite to have facebook or twitter presence .

Benefit of facebook or twitter in promotion and popularity —

  • almost every smartphone user is either on facebook or twitter .
  • Your presence makes others to know you
  • they follow use when interest or profession meets
  • users bring  others with same interest and liking
  • you increase your base and network
  • if your sellers or buyers you market covers wide area .

Accounts with facebook likes and twitter followers —

to attract attention towards your account , you must have facebook likes and More twitter followers .

  • large likes show your popularity and they attract more likes
  • same is the case with large twitter followers . They attract more followers .
  • This creates a niche for your on social media
  • this large following increases more search on media for you or your products
  • followers bring more followers to your site .
  • Here you can redirect them to other liked minded sites or blog which you may have created in case you are selling some concept or services through your sites or blogs the chance of success are always high , because of knowledge and awarensss of your services. So the presence on facebook and twitter is must in social media age .